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Effective graphic designs to distinguish your brand

Visual brand identity matters

We often recognise our favourite products from afar by their particular colour, logo, distinctive font or character (brand hero) - these are elements immediately associated with a brand. Neuromarketing research confirms that graphic design determines the power of brand placement in the minds of consumers. It also makes your offer stand out from the competition. It is, therefore, worth paying attention to the consistency of messaging across all advertising materials.

A company's corporate identity should include packaging and product labels, leaflets, banners, catalogues or stands used at trade fairs. It usually takes a while for information to be encoded in the consumer's mind, so for your company to be remembered faster and better, it is important to ensure repeatability of a consistent message. Excessively frequent rebranding can be harmful.

Key visual - the key to consistency

There is a reason why it is said that customers "buy with their eyes". Aesthetically designed leaflets, labels, packaging or company catalogues are much more likely to be read and chosen by consumers. Graphic designs made with visual precision, appropriate placement of content and graphic elements seem more interesting.

A brand's graphic design is a marketing concept that stays with a company for years. Trying to ensure that all messaging is consistent, can be a time-consuming and demanding challenge for an entrepreneur, since preparing high-quality graphic materials requires skills and professional equipment.

Creating labels, packaging or catalogues independently sometimes evokes a sense of frustration, as the results are not commensurate with the effort and expense put in. The business owner knows their customers best, but sometimes a change of perspective is needed to move on. Working with a team of specialists who have developed a range of strategies and tools over the years can make you spot new consumer needs and specify your target group more precisely.

Refreshing the corporate identity

The decision to change the visual identity should be considered carefully. Certain brands and products age with their customers. Therefore, companies that decide to reinvigorate their graphic design should keep in mind the characteristics that have become fixed in the minds of consumers over the years. A new packaging or label design should include the most important elements of the corporate identity, such as the product name, colour or logotype, which the customer is already accustomed to.

At the Sky&Sand marketing agency, we provide professional graphic design services for brands in a variety of industries. We rely on experienced graphic designers who, in consultation with business owners, can design labels, flyers, banners and packaging that effectively attract and retain attention. Our assumption is that it is possible to tell engaging stories about products, services or brands through graphic design!

Do you want your brand to be recognisable? Then bet on the consistency of the generated messaging. Graphic creation is brand creation - with us your business will become hot!

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