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Social Media for your business

Harness the potential of Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Social media is the current unrivalled business communication channel. They make it possible to attract new customers, build brand awareness and establish lasting relationships with audiences. In order for them to benefit your company and bring increased sales, popularity or prestige, they need to be skilfully managed - to have a strategy tailored to your target group of customers, your offer and your brand values.

As a marketing agency, we are distinguished by our holistic approach. When developing a professional social media plan, the expert ensures that the profile is consistent with both the corporate identity and the company's marketing strategy. At the beginning of the cooperation, we conduct an audit (carefully check the account settings, the competitive environment, the target group, and analyse the brand potential), drawing conclusions for implementation.

We create harmonious profiles

Content marketing and social media wonderfully complement each other. Only by being consistent in our brand communication strategy are we able to strengthen your company's image. Discrepancies create reluctance and confusion, and weaken the message's reach. Hence, we make every effort to ensure that the company profiles we run, attract customers with their passion and harmony.

Do you want your company's account to stand out: an aesthetically pleasing feed (photo, graphic and video composition), original content and a variety of themes? We encourage you to work with our Sky&Sand team. Because the destiny of your business should be written in the schedule, not the stars :)

A comprehensive social media strategy includes:

  • Creation/Completion/Metamorphosis/Company account management

  • Development of an activities schedule - based on the characteristics of the target group, we create an overall publication plan. We ensure that activity on the profile is carried out regularly, which is important in terms of building reach. A social media strategy assumes that the most important objectives of your business are met.

  • Creative and engaging posts - we tailor the subject matter of the posts, communication style and publication formats to the offer and the target group's actual interests. We carefully listen to the needs of audiences, responding with necessary content that is inspirational, informative or humorous (especially appreciated!).

  • Building brand awareness - through content that evokes emotions: curiosity, amusement, intrigue, and positive associations. We utilise available formats and modern tools, creating compelling infographics, animations, videos, Instagram Reels, Stories, etc. We populate your company profile with material that sets you apart from the competition and makes you memorable to your audience.

  • A dedicated mentor - a dedicated social media specialist oversees all activities. This person ensures content consistency, keeps an eye on the schedule, and consults with you on the direction of new activities.

  • Moderation - we watch over the company profile to ensure that no message goes unanswered. We regularly check our inbox and reply to comments.

  • Facebook Ads - we run effective advertising campaigns to ensure the dynamic growth of your company account. You will see traffic to the profile, increased interest in your offer and a growing number of fans and followers. Advertising campaigns complement organic activities perfectly, allowing you to build brand awareness on a large scale! We will handle the technical infrastructure (installation of the FB Pixel) and propose activities within a reasonable budget.

  • Results - each month, we produce a detailed report and summarise the effectiveness of the actions taken, drawing conclusions. We optimise advertising campaigns and chart the best course for your brand. You can follow your progress and see the results.

By working with a dedicated Social Media expert you gain:

  • More time
  • Image advantage
  • New customers
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Admiration of competitors

Why is it worth working with us?

We specialise in holistic marketing. We skilfully combine promotional activities using modern tools, channels and techniques, strictly tailored to the industry and your company's offer. Our mission is to open up new horizons - we seek new perspectives and opportunities for your business. At the Sky&Sand marketing agency, we boldly break the mould, creating projects with a unique, distinctive character. We are professional and flexible to the absolute limit when working with you!


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