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What is Copywriting?

Why is a TV advertisement telling one story but not another? Why does a company use a specific advertising slogan? When claiming the moon, why did Neil Armstrong say, "It is a small step for man, but a giant leap for mankind"? This question could be answered by professional copywriters responsible for the artistic and textual underpinning of advertising materials. Copywriting is a rapidly evolving industry that continues to undergo metamorphoses, but one thing remains unchanged: what matters is an innovative idea and the ability to adapt the nature of the content to a specific audience.

What activities are worthwhile in content marketing?

At a time when the web has taken over a sizable slice of the advertising pie, copywriters are less likely to create articles and content for print media and more likely to focus on SEO-compliant articles of a substantive or blog-like nature. Copywriting fits into the content marketing strategy, which is based on providing the audience with interesting information rather than extolling one's products or services. Convince the user to choose your offer by posting an attractive product description or highlighting its benefits.

Content marketing activities also include expert articles posted on the company's website. Consumers like and return to companies that share sound knowledge, so publishing all sorts of guides or manuals is worth posting. You can try to promote your business independently with the help of copywriting content; however, hiring specialists ensures that the result will be engaging texts compliant with SEO principles. Another recently popular strategy is video content marketing, combining content with images. Recipients enjoy watching videos, for example, on YouTube, explaining how something works.

Rely on professional copywriters

At Sky&Sand, we know the power of words and the importance of content marketing. Our copywriters will gladly tackle any topic, adapting the communication style and language to the audience's needs. Whether you entrust us with the writing of a professional article, a blog post, a Facebook postor a new website content - you are always guaranteed to receive original content, optimised for SEO and Google algorithms. We will use the art of persuasion, the language of benefits and several other copywriting tricks to produce a substantive and enjoyable text focusing on your brand!


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