Catchy slogans and slogans that sell

Discover the power of naming!

Catchy messages build brand publicity, making customers choose your product over the competition. Entrust the invention of your brand name, slogan, claim, product or service names to our creative copywriters who handle words with the dexterity of a fireshow artist.

Claims like "Just do it" by Nike, or "Probably the best beer in the world" by the Carlsberg Brewing Company - they are simple messages that have made history thanks to their clarity. Naming as a concept has its equivalents in other languages, but they do not capture the essence of the original term. The naming service is a specific type of copywriting, based on the art of abbreviation and minimalism. In line with the "less is more" principle, creative copywriters resort to word games, humour or concreteness - a variety of linguistic treatments that effectively hold the recipient's attention.

How does naming impact brand success?

A company's name is the first thing many consumers look at. Did you know that naming that is too difficult, strange or confusing can effectively deter customers from buying? Therefore, words that sound exotic, frivolous, abstruse or technical should not function as brand names.

Ideally, brand naming should be based on a pleasant association and relate to the industry in which the entrepreneur operates. The same is true for naming products and services: names should be short, understandable and created according to a coherent concept.

Advertising slogan champions ready to go!

Coming up with "marketing hooks" is our speciality. When we want to develop an innovative name for a company or product, we usually organise so-called "brainstorming sessions", where we toss ideas around and choose the best proposals after a few hours. This kind of group form of creativity is already similar to a focus study, identifying a potential audience.

When creating names for companies, we rely on thorough research and the extensive experience of our creative team, who take a completely innovative approach to think about marketing campaigns. Everything good in business starts with... a magical name. Let's make it intriguing, attractive and memorable! 


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