Consistent creation of brand identity

What is branding?

Simply speaking, branding is one of the techniques used by marketing to create the given brand's vision and consolidate it in the minds of customers. It is about a positive image, backed up by components that are easy to verbalise, e.g. "proven products for children", "equipment for energetic people", or "services performed using traditional techniques". Such short slogans accurately express the essence of the messaging; using the word "tested" or "proven" in a slogan for children's products assures parents that the items they buy for their children are safe. Professional branding impacts the brand's reputation and, consequently, consumer purchasing decisions. It's vital to respond to changing trends and update our brand identity, to always be a few steps ahead of the competition.

A trick to lure the "advertising-resistant"


When customers are asked during focus studies to provide basic associations with a brand, they tend to focus on issues related to visual identity. Consequently, this means that the specific advertising agency that handled it has done a reliable job, thanks to which the brand is recognisable and encodes itself in the minds of its recipients. Many industries are highly competitive, and products or services offered by companies can often be at a similar level. Most often, the battle for customers isn't done by lowering prices but by using effective branding strategies.

Visual brand identity, as well as the idea behind it or a set of images, are the basic issues that consumers pay attention to. Additionally, customers are becoming increasingly demanding and have more frequent daily contact with advertising materials than they did a few decades ago. That's why it's worth betting on fresh branding and unusual solutions to focus attention and sell your vision to today's "advertising-savvy" customers.


Branding is all about building brand awareness.


At the Sky & Sand marketing agency, we offer a full brand graphic design service. We help the company create a clear image and define a comprehensible and coherent message from the company to the client with the help of appropriate visuals. At our agency, we also work to create a brand by choosing the right company name, matching the claim and designing the logo. The purpose of this is to anchor it in the recipient's consciousness (designing a more extensive visual identity system of the brand) and help in further, regular promotion.

The visual identity includes all BTL graphic materials, i.e. leaflets, roll-ups, banners, stands, packaging, calendars, business cards, and advertising formats. In the Sky & Sand Graphic studio, we additionally expand this type of branding by creating structured online brand communication. It is based on a coherent visual identity achieved through online marketing activities, such as: web design, newsletter preparation and fan page maintenance, or ever-effective e-mail marketing. We are interested in a measurable type of promotion with a good Call to Action, which is graphically excellent and provides a good conversion.

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