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Business communication with the media building a professional image

What media activities are worth undertaking?

The power of the media, sometimes called the fourth estate, is limitless. Effective media materials have been known to change political systems, overthrow presidents or extol specific services and products, placing them in the forefront. When running your business, you can't afford to forfeit promotion in the media. Radio or TV ads help the brand register in the recipients' minds, and substantive sponsored articles can present the company as an expert.

Contemporary content marketing, which we also deal with, is based on reaching customers with interesting materials designed to grow the company's reputation. The media are essential in the distribution of interesting content because it wouldn't be easy to independently create such effective channels for reaching potential customers.

How to build good brand relations with the media?

The media can be capricious, so skilful communication is very important. Deterioration of the relationship with the local press may decrease the company's reputation and, consequently, turnover. A brand's good relationship with the media should be built gradually. It can be based on balanced activities, such as invitations to trade fairs and conferences or the possibility of using products or services for free.

Contact with the media is not an easy task. In this regard, it's worth turning to advertising industry specialists. Independent attempts to reach important magazines, radio or TV channels may fail because media representatives prefer to contact permanent advertising managers.


Professional support in contacting the media

At Sky&Sand, we provide marketing support to companies in media activities (carried out in areas such as the Internet, radio, television or press) and Public Relations. Our marketing agency happily prepares a professional script for a TV or Internet commercial, a well-crafted radio advertising spot or a website tailored to your needs.

Our Toruń-based advertising studio will also comprehensively handle your brand image in the press. Our expert copywriters will prepare complete and optimised press releases and sponsored articles, and our graphic designers will do their best to produce the most creative designs for Press ads and eye-catching inserts for print magazines and online publications. We are certain that the promotional campaigns prepared by our studio will help your company build a positive and consistent image for customers and the media.


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