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Good packaging evokes emotions


Packaging is the customer's first contact with the product. It determines whether a consumer reaches for a given product in a shop or goes to the product page when shopping online. Distinctive graphic design allows shoppers to quickly recognise their favourite products, significantly facilitating and speeding up their purchase decision. Customers who prefer to shop quickly often automatically choose the things they like and know by completely ignoring the competitors' offers. Getting into their subconscious is quite a challenge!


Attractive and eye-catching design, however, can effectively mix things up and influence the purchase decision. Packaging is  an excellent carrier of emotions. By arousing positive feelings in the consumer, it can convince them to give up a tried-and-tested option and try a new product which they have established an emotional connection with.


Key features of product packaging


Product packaging design is a multi-stage process that requires careful market analysis, knowledge of current design trends, and the collaboration of many experts. Project work usually involves teams of experienced graphic designers, packaging engineers, copywriters, as well as marketing and production specialists. By combining their expertise, the specialists jointly decide which features the product packaging should have in order to stand out in the market and fully meet the needs of customers.


Professional graphic design for packaging


First of all, product packaging should be graphically detailed. Typography, colours, motifs, and graphic elements that are consistent with the brand's visual identity are all important, as are photography and the overall visual concept. It is important that the brand logo be placed in a prominent position, as packaging is an integral part of the marketing strategy and supports the process of building brand awareness (branding). They strengthen the customer's connection to the brand.


In terms of visual communication, customers may assume from the aesthetically and carefully designed packaging that the product inside is of the same high quality as the package it comes in. It's no secret that attractive packaging sells better because it arouses emotions, attracts attention, and brings about pleasant associations. They are also more easily remembered.


Consumers prefer to know what to expect when buying a product. As a carrier of information, the packaging should contain all the necessary data, such as content, instructions for use and storage, dosage recommendations, and an expiration date. It is also crucial to include warnings, e.g., safety warnings or allergy warnings. These notes may vary depending on the type of product, its use, and the regulations governing a given industry. The content should be presented in a legible and comprehensible manner, as the label enables customers to make an informed choice on what is most likely to meet their expectations.


The flagship feature of product packaging is its functionality. Packaging should be customised to each product in order to protect it from damage, compromised product quality, or external factors. It is important for it to be intuitive and easy to use and store its content.


An opportunity to make your product a success!


The way a product is packaged can greatly affect its selling success and the way people perceive the brand. Our marketing agency, Sky & Sand, is known for its creative approach to design, and we know perfectly well that sometimes a minor facelift, such as refreshing the graphic design, is all it takes to make the packaging stand out. We boldly offer innovative solutions that attract and retain consumers' attention and create an emotional connection between customers and the brand.


Are you looking for a unique pattern that will make your product stand out from the competition?

Welcome to Sky & Sand! We have a qualified team, many years of experience, specialist knowledge, and all the necessary tools at our disposal. Our achievements are satisfied customers and products that gained success on the Polish and international markets.

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